we are

We are a couple who has been working in the hospitality sector for a while.
For as long as we can remember, we have loved travelling. Travelling widens our horizons, broadens our perspective and enriches our life in the most exciting ways. We have traveled to many countries around the world, from Asia to the Americas. We love to share with our guests all the  vibrant colours, diverse cultural heritage, traditional culinary delights and above all,  warm and hospitable people that the world may host. We built up some business around travelling and we love it.


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Browse our properties and choose the accommodation which is reflecting you. Discover our special deals, best VG recipes from our community and restaurant partners ... and the special bonus you may earn with us.With VG Rooms, you will be sure that the accommodation you choose will respect your philosophy

the roots

The idea of VG Rooms comes from our daughter.  Poor her, she is vegan! 100% Vegan. She is a compulsive traveller and she always encountered difficulties to find the right place where she could - it is a little bit messy but it makes sense - find her preferred food, share time with pets, meet people like her and heal herself in such activities as yoga, Pilates....

So this is VG Rooms. We are building a community which will grow.