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We are a couple who has been working in the hospitality sector for a while. The idea of VG Rooms comes from our daughter: she is a yoga teacher and poor her, she is vegan! 100% Vegan. It has always been a hassle to find the perfect location to host her retreats: villas in poor condition, fake comments and pictures, dishonest owners.... Finding the perfect location is a hassle. Focusing on your guests should be your Top Priority. VG Rooms is building a community which will grow.

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1. Plan your retreat in Bali
In the Island of Gods, you can choose between jungle or beach retreats, both with breathtaking views and surroundings. There is so much you can do before or after your retreat.
2. Retreat Theme
At our properties, we have all kinds of retreats on offer. You can combine your retreat with any one of many activities these days.
3. Inclusions
Consider what's part of the retreat. Build up with us your entire schedule and add-ons
4. Comfort Level
Consider your accommodation type when choosing the program. We provide all kind of rates.
5. Food options
At most retreats, we will assist you cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.
6. Small or big?
A small group at a retreat center in the jungle somewhere may be just the thing you are looking for ... or maybe not. Consider what you want to do. If you want the group to socialise but want flexibility to do whatever you want during your time then a small property may not suit: a larger property may be just the trick.
7. Price
There's a whole price range for retreat accommodations Prices vary based on venue, program and the location. Outside of high season is always a good time to go when the cost is normally lower for everything.

What if you want to cancel? Every property may have different cancellation policy. Consult the section "Terms & Conditions" in each property description.

How long in advance would i need to book then? That is completely up to you as here you can make plans early.

So whatever suits you. You will receive a quick response to an inquiry.