At VGRooms, we have a holistic approach, which means  that our community will benefit from our activities.

This means that the property owners respect our commitment chart:

About food

  1. Provide meals for vegetarians & vegans. That means that the accommodation has to be Vegan/Veggie friendly by proposing some menu options for vegan/veggie
  2. Boost local farming by supplying near your accommodation
  3. Purchase as much as possible organic and eco-friendly food

About Social responsibility

  1. The main social goal is to foster the diversity between the staff (religion, gender, etc…) and to respect them
  2. Support local economy by hiring staff coming from your village
  3. Respect the Indonesian Labor regulations

About environment

  1. Fit your accommodation with ecological facilities: solar panels, water filtering, water recycling, waste management…
  2. Engage yourself to improve it as much as possible

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.