Silvija Rumiha is  the founder of Zero Waste Bali and she has been living in Bali since 2011. The idea of Zero Waste Bali came out when snorkeling she was seriously shocked at the amount of plastic that was in the ocean. The amount of rubbish that is found in the rivers, along side of the roads and in the beautiful mountain regions of Bali are so disturbing.

She wanted to help reduce plastic waste by opening Bali’s First Zero Waste Bulk Food Store, opposite side of  Bali Buda.

The shop encourages customers to bring their own containers, mesh bags or jars to fill and to reuse what you currently have to help reduce the plastic waste problem.

The goal of  Zero Waste Bali is to guide people to change their lifestyle and practices and make small and simple changes. Together we can reduce plastic, remove harmful chemicals from our home, and reduce our waste. Our choices can make a big difference to the Earth and our future.

Have a look at Zero Waste Bali website: click here